Madame Alexis (madamealexis) wrote in certification,
Madame Alexis

Network Security Map

ISBN: 978-1-60267-001-3
Released in: March 2007
Size: 27in x 39in
Finish: 100lb glossy paper coated with a thin layer of plastic film

An easy to use training tool for IT students to get an overall picture of network vulnerabilities, security technologies and solutions.

All in one chart displays the network security risks in association with specific protocols, the most up-to-date security technologies, and the security solutions such as AAA, firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPNs, as well as Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware/Anti-Adware Anti-Spam/Anti-Phishing technologies.

Top vulnerabilities, threats in applications, operating systems and networks; Frequently used attack tools; Layered defense solutions for complete information securities... All are well illustrated in the OSI 7-layers model.
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