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A hopefully helpful tip for someone…

I have been lazy with my Microsoft certification the last few years – I hold several IT certs and Microsoft was the least pressing (I was working for a reseller/consultant – Microsoft only required MCP cert to keep us in the program, other vendors required annual recertification), so I am an NT4.0 MCSE and Windows 2000 MCP. Anyway, I’m back in the job market now and decided I needed to update with Microsoft, but can’t afford classes, so it’s self-study for me. I went looking at Microsoft’s website to figure out what I needed to do, then to Amazon to find the books to prep for it and I found something some of y’all may find of interest if you’re in a similar boat.

You can get from Amazon the MCSA/MCSE Self Paced Training Kit for the Server 2003 Core (70-290, 291, 293 and 294) exams {} for $86 (plus shipping, which is free unless you want it overnight). The Microsoft Press MSRP of this set is $200. I don’t know what Borders or Buns and Noodle are selling this set for in stores – I wasn’t able to find it in a store that I visited.

What makes this most interesting (to me) is that it includes four 15% off vouchers for tests – at $125 per test, those vouchers are worth $75 total, making the net cost of the four books and the CD full of other stuff (most of which actually looks useful!) a mere ten bucks.
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