MantridDrone (mantriddrone) wrote in certification,

subnetting query

ive looked at a lot of articles and methods to do with subnetting over the last few days by way of refreshing my mind and have got it pretty well sussed out. amazing how quickly you forget these things! anyway...

to calculate the number of host, the equation is 2^Y-2 where y in the number of host bits

to calculate the number of subnets, the equation is 2^X-2 where x is the number of network bits.

trouble is that some articles say 2^x-2 and some say 2^X to calculate the number of network bits.

i cannot for the life of me find out which is supposed to be correct, as each approach makes NO reference to the other approach.

i was always taught 2^x-2

any opinions, thoughts?
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