yonyulsic (dans711) wrote in certification,

flash cs4 and photoshop cs4

hi guys?
it's my first post here. my name is Dana from Dubai nice to meet you^^
i have a question regarding about flash cs4 exam and photoshop cs4 the no of the exam are
9a0-092 and 9a0-094
i searched for free ones in the internet but i couldn't find any.and i had to take the exams as soon as possible. so i was thinking of buying one from pass4sure website but the sad thing there's no flash cs4 nor photoshop cs4 axams.
so my question is there anyone here got the exams or know any trustworthy website so i can buy from it knowing i would pass the exam 100%?
i used to buy from pass4sure and it's the best!

ps: that goes to illustrator cs4 as well.

thank you in advance.
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