Madame Alexis (madamealexis) wrote in certification,
Madame Alexis

Find Training Providers For CompTIA Certifications

I looked up CLA training providers near me to receive instruction for my CompTIA classes and exam.

It came up with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Inc. and TechSkills - San Antonio

I Googled both of them and they have complaints like all hell!

TechSkills Complaints:

New Horizons Complaints:

I can not put in the time to go to a regular college to get my training and certifications. I have had hands on training building computers but my mentor has recently died so I am on my own learning the OS's and Networking. I want both A+ and Network+ and MCP for now.

Later I may consider one of these: MCDBA, MCSA, MCITP.

Has anyone had any experiences with these schools or have any suggestions on how to just take the exams?
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